Live Trading

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What is Pocket Option?
Pocket Option is a binary options platform that enables users to trade a diverse array of assets including currency pairs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.
How to trade on Pocket Option?
To begin trading on Pocket Option, follow these steps: - Sign up/register on the platform. - Deposit funds into your trading account. - Select an asset for trading. - Set the expiration time for your option. - Forecast the price movement direction (either upward or downward).
Pocket option minimum deposit you register on Pocket Option?
Registration on Pocket Option is open to individuals aged 18 years and above, adhering to legal obligations and responsibilities related to financial transactions.
How to withdraw funds from Pocket Option?
To initiate a withdrawal from Pocket Option, navigate to the "Cashier" or "Finance" section of the platform, access the "Withdraw funds" tab, select your desired withdrawal method, input the withdrawal amount, and verify the transaction.

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