Privacy Policy

1.1 The balance of the client's account represents the extent of the company's financial obligations to the client at a specific moment in time.

1.2 The company's financial obligations to the client arise from the moment funds are deposited into the account and end when the client withdraws the funds in full from the account.

1.3 The client is entitled to demand from the company the fulfillment of obligations not exceeding the balance of the account.

1.4 The official methods of deposit/withdrawal are the wallets/accounts of the Company in the payment systems specified on the Company's website. The client assumes all risks associated with the use of payment systems, as payment systems are not partners of the Company. The Company is not responsible for delays and/or non-receipt of funds into the client's account balance due to the payment system's fault. In case of complaints from the client regarding the correctness of the payment systems' operation, the client should contact the support service of such payment system. The client is obliged to inform about such cases of contact.

1.5 The Company shall not be liable for the actions of third parties acting as intermediaries in conducting operations by Clients for depositing/withdrawing funds. When a Client conducts operations to deposit funds, the financial responsibility of the Company arises from the moment the Client's funds are credited to the Company's bank account and/or to the Company's account in the payment systems specified on the Company's website. In case signs of fraud are detected during financial transactions after funds have been credited to the Client's account balance, the Company reserves the right to cancel such transaction and freeze the client's account. When Clients conduct withdrawal operations, the Company's financial responsibility ends at the moment the funds are debited from the Company's bank account and/or from the Company's account in the payment systems specified on the Company's website.

1.6 In case of technical errors on the part of the Company during financial transactions, the Company reserves the right to cancel such transactions and their results, as well as the results of the services provided by the Company

1.7 The client must register only 1 (one) account with the Company. In case of detection of multiple accounts belonging to one client, all such accounts will be blocked, and the funds contained therein will not be available for withdrawal.

2. Client registration and their data

2.1 The client registration procedure consists of 2 stages.

- The procedure of registering the client on the company's website.
- The procedure of verifying the identity and data provided during registration.

The client registration procedure is mandatory for the company's clients. To complete the client registration procedure on the company's website, the following steps need to be taken:

- Enter personal and contact information;
- Accept the terms of this Agreement and its appendices.

2.2 The procedure for verifying the client's identity and data is conducted by the Company to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the client during registration. To conduct this procedure, the Company is required to request, and the client is obliged to provide:

- A scan or digital photograph of the national identity card, passport, or other document confirming the client's identity in a legible format. For Russian citizens - the spread of pages with a photo and personal information. For citizens of Ukraine - the spread of pages with a photo and personal information in Russian and Ukrainian languages (if available).
- For citizens of other countries - the page(s) of the passport with a photo and personal information or another document (e.g., ID Card) containing a photo and personal data.

Additionally, the Company may require current utility bills, a bank agreement for opening a personal account, scans of bank cards, as well as any other documents if the aforementioned documents do not fully identify the Client and/or the personal data provided by them.

2.3 The procedure for verifying identity and data must be completed within 10 (ten) business days from the moment the Company receives the request to verify the Client's identity. In exceptional cases, the Company may extend this period to 30 (thirty) business days at its discretion.

3. Deposit Procedures

To deposit funds into the account, the Client must submit a request for deposit from their personal account. To do this, the Client should choose one of the payment systems listed on the Company's website and follow the corresponding link, providing all necessary information.

The following currencies are available for depositing funds: USD

The processing times for deposit requests depend on the chosen payment system and cannot be regulated by the Company. If technical capabilities allow, transactions using electronic payment systems may occur instantly. When using bank transfers, processing times can range from 3 to 45 business days, depending on the bank used by the Client and correspondent banks.

All client transactions must be conducted using sources subject to verification that exclusively belong to the client conducting operations with their own funds. Withdrawals, refunds, compensations, and other financial operations involving the client's account may only be performed using the accounts that were used to replenish the balance. Withdrawals from the account are provided in the same currency as the deposit transactions.

4. Taxes

The company is not a tax agent and does not provide data on its clients' transactions to third parties. Such information may only be provided upon an official request from competent government authorities.

5. Refund Policy

5.1 The client has the right to withdraw part or all of the funds from their Account at any time by submitting a withdrawal request to the Company, which includes the client's instruction to withdraw money from the Account and complies with the following conditions:

- The Company executes withdrawals from the client's trading account only within the balance available on the client's account at the time of the request. If the client's withdrawal amount (including commissions and other expenses as per the current Regulations) exceeds the balance on the client's Account, the Company may reject the withdrawal after clarification.

- The client's request for withdrawal of funds from their account must comply with the requirements and restrictions established by applicable legislation and other provisions in the countries where such transfer is conducted.

- The funds from the client's account must be withdrawn to the same payment system and wallet ID that the client previously used to transfer funds to the account. The company may limit withdrawals to the client's payment system within the deposit amount received into the client's account from this payment system. The company may, at its discretion, make exceptions to this rule and process the client's fund withdrawals to other payment systems. In doing so, the company may request payment information from the client for other payment systems at any time, and the client must provide such payment information to the company.

5.2 The withdrawal request is processed by transferring money to the Client's external account by an Agent authorized by the Company.

5.3 The client initiates a withdrawal request in the currency of the deposit. If the deposit currency differs from the transfer currency, the Company converts the withdrawal amount into the transfer currency at the exchange rate set by the Company at the time of withdrawal from the Client's Account.

5.4 The currency in which the Company makes transfers to the Client's External Account may be displayed in the Client's Personal Account, depending on the currency of the Client's Account and the withdrawal method.

5.5 Conversion, fees, and other expenses associated with each withdrawal method are determined by the Company and may be changed at any time at the Company's discretion. The exchange rate may differ from the currency exchange rate set by the authorities of a specific country and the current market exchange rate for the respective currencies. In cases established by payment service providers, funds may be withdrawn from the Client's account in a currency different from the currency of the Client's External Account.

5.6 The Company reserves the right to set minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts depending on the withdrawal method. These limitations will be posted in the Client's Personal Account.

5.7 The withdrawal request is considered accepted by the Company if it is created in the Client's Personal Account and is indicated in the 'Balance Operations History' section, as well as in the Company's system for tracking client requests. A withdrawal request created by any means other than those specified in this section will not be accepted or processed.

5.8 The Company may, at its discretion, offer the Client alternative methods for withdrawing funds from the Client's account. This information is published in the Personal Account.

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