Best Strategies for Beginners on the Pocket Option Website

Best Strategies for Beginners on the Pocket Option Website. Proven methods, minimal risk. Start with confidence and become a successful trader!

Trading on the Pocket Option platform can be both thrilling and lucrative, particularly when employing effective strategies. It's crucial for novice traders to adopt beginner-friendly strategies that minimize risks and enhance the likelihood of success. Here are several proven strategies tailored for beginners on Pocket Option:

1) Trend Following Strategy

The trend-following strategy is widely favored among traders. It operates on the premise that the current market trend, whether upward or downward, is likely to persist. To implement this strategy:

  • Analyze the chart to identify the prevailing trend direction.
  • Use indicators like moving averages (MA) to confirm the trend's strength and direction.
  • Execute trades aligned with the trend direction: buy during uptrends and sell during downtrends.

This strategy enables beginners to align their trades with market momentum effectively.

2) Support and Resistance Strategy

Another straightforward approach for beginners involves trading around support and resistance levels. These levels signify zones where the price tends to reverse:

  • Support levels are where prices historically find buying interest, preventing further decline.
  • Resistance levels are where prices encounter selling pressure, halting further advance.

To utilize this strategy:

  • Identify key support and resistance levels on the chart.
  • Enter buy trades when prices rebound from support and sell trades when prices retreat from resistance.

This method aids beginners in pinpointing optimal entry and exit points.

3) Moving Averages Strategy

Moving averages (MA), such as simple moving averages (SMA) and exponential moving averages (EMA), are fundamental tools in technical analysis. For beginners:

  • SMA calculates the average price over a specified period, providing a clear trend indicator.
  • EMA places greater emphasis on recent price data, making it responsive to current market conditions.

To apply this strategy:

  • Overlay SMA and EMA with different periods on the chart.
  • Initiate buy trades when EMA crosses above SMA and sell trades when EMA crosses below SMA.

This strategy equips beginners with straightforward trend-following signals.

4) Candlestick Patterns Strategy

Candlestick patterns offer valuable insights into market sentiment and potential reversals. Key patterns for beginners include "hammer," "hanging man," "engulfing," and "doji":

  • Study the characteristics and significance of these candlestick patterns.
  • Identify their occurrences on the chart.
  • Execute trades based on pattern signals, like buying at a "hammer" formation in a downtrend.

Candlestick patterns empower beginners with visual cues for informed trading decisions.


Selecting the right strategy is pivotal for beginners on Pocket Option. Strategies such as trend-following, support and resistance, moving averages, and candlestick patterns provide accessible methods to commence trading effectively. Remember, no strategy guarantees flawless outcomes, and risk management remains essential. Continued practice and learning will bolster beginners' confidence and success on Pocket Option.


What is Pocket Option?
Pocket Option is a binary options platform that enables users to trade a diverse array of assets including currency pairs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.
How to trade on Pocket Option?
To begin trading on Pocket Option, follow these steps: - Sign up/register on the platform. - Deposit funds into your trading account. - Select an asset for trading. - Set the expiration time for your option. - Forecast the price movement direction (either upward or downward).
Pocket option minimum deposit you register on Pocket Option?
Registration on Pocket Option is open to individuals aged 18 years and above, adhering to legal obligations and responsibilities related to financial transactions.
How to withdraw funds from Pocket Option?
To initiate a withdrawal from Pocket Option, navigate to the "Cashier" or "Finance" section of the platform, access the "Withdraw funds" tab, select your desired withdrawal method, input the withdrawal amount, and verify the transaction.

Top Strategies for Newcomers on Pocket Option. Tested approaches with low risk. Begin with assurance and thrive as a proficient trader!