Pocket Option Trading Strategies

Effective trading strategies on Pocket Option. Learn how to apply proven methods for market analysis and increase your chances of trading success!

Trading binary options on the Pocket Option platform is gaining popularity due to its intuitive interface and comprehensive array of market analysis tools. Irrespective of your trading experience, employing tested strategies can significantly elevate your chances of success. Here are some pivotal strategies for Pocket Option that can augment your trading outcomes:

1) Breakout Levels Strategy

The breakout levels strategy focuses on identifying crucial support and resistance levels. It involves anticipating asset prices breaking through these levels. To execute this strategy effectively:

  • Identify key support and resistance levels on the chart.
  • Wait for the asset price to approach these levels.
  • Initiate trades in the direction of the breakout: buy upon resistance level breakthroughs and sell when support levels are breached.

This approach leverages high volatility periods to maximize profitability.

2) Reversal Strategy

The reversal strategy centers on opening trades contrary to significant price movements. It anticipates corrections following substantial price rises or falls. Steps to implement this strategy include:

  • Identify pronounced price movements on the chart.
  • Wait for these movements to peak or reach a trough.
  • Enter positions in the opposite direction: sell following sharp increases and buy after steep declines.

Accurate timing of reversals is crucial, often necessitating supplementary indicators.

3) Parabolic SAR System Strategy

The Parabolic SAR indicator identifies potential price reversals, facilitating precise entry and exit points. To apply this strategy effectively:

  • Apply the Parabolic SAR indicator to your chart.
  • Open buy positions when SAR dots are below the price and sell positions when they appear above it.

This strategy is ideal for newcomers seeking clear trade signals.

4) MACD and RSI Strategy

The MACD and RSI indicators synergize to deliver accurate signals for trade initiation. Steps to implement this strategy include:

  • Configure MACD and RSI indicators on your chart.
  • Open long positions when MACD indicates a buy signal and RSI resides in oversold territory.
  • Initiate short positions when MACD indicates a sell signal and RSI indicates overbought conditions.

This strategy harmonizes multiple indicators for precise decision-making.

5) Bollinger Bands and RSI Strategy

Combining Bollinger Bands with the Relative Strength Index (RSI) enhances volatility and overbought/oversold level analysis. Here’s how to employ this strategy:

  • Set up Bollinger Bands and RSI indicators.
  • Open buy trades upon price touching the lower Bollinger Band and RSI in the oversold zone.
  • Initiate sell trades when the price contacts the upper Bollinger Band and RSI shows overbought signals.

This approach harnesses indicator synergy for optimal trade entry and exit.


Pocket Option offers a plethora of adaptable trading strategies catering to diverse market conditions and trader skill levels. Whether utilizing breakout levels, reversal tactics, Parabolic SAR, or integrating MACD, RSI, and Bollinger Bands, these strategies furnish ample avenues for prosperous trading. Practice and analysis are essential to harnessing the full potential of these strategies. Best of luck trading on Pocket Option!


What is Pocket Option?
Pocket Option is a binary options platform that enables users to trade a diverse array of assets including currency pairs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.
How to trade on Pocket Option?
To begin trading on Pocket Option, follow these steps: - Sign up/register on the platform. - Deposit funds into your trading account. - Select an asset for trading. - Set the expiration time for your option. - Forecast the price movement direction (either upward or downward).
Pocket option minimum deposit you register on Pocket Option?
Registration on Pocket Option is open to individuals aged 18 years and above, adhering to legal obligations and responsibilities related to financial transactions.
How to withdraw funds from Pocket Option?
To initiate a withdrawal from Pocket Option, navigate to the "Cashier" or "Finance" section of the platform, access the "Withdraw funds" tab, select your desired withdrawal method, input the withdrawal amount, and verify the transaction.

Explore potent trading strategies on Pocket Option. Gain insights into applying established methods for market analysis and improving your trading success!